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Liquid Wrap

Liquid wrap is an air-dry, specialty rubber coating that's used to change the appearance of vehicles.  This new technology allow you the customer to change the color of you car at a fraction of the cost to have the car repainted, the best part is this rubber coating can be removed at anytime allowing you to return back to your vehicles factory color.This product will not harm your factory paint, in fact it protects it from the harsh elements from the environment. With millions of colors to choose from you can transform you car from a boring gray to a bright purple then back to its factory gray. This product is extremely resistant to the elements, including sun exposure, winter ice, cold, salt etc. A lot of customers actually dip their wheels and cars specifically to protect the original surfaces from the winter season. This Product is also heat resistant up to 200° F which means we can also apply this coating on your wheels too!!! The options are truly endless for more information on this product please contact us at customerservice@rdecustoms.com

Aegis Armor S.H.I.E.L.D. Treatment

With this great service, you get 3-6 month protection & Shine. The benefits of this product are water repellent, easier to clean, UV resistance, high gloss shine, clean less often, and last  3-6 months depending on element exposure.

Eco-friendly foam cannon and hand wash using Aegis Armor Foam Fury

Clean wheels

Clean and shine tires

Clean door jams

Detail exterior plastic & trim

Clay bar treatment

Streak-free window cleaning on exterior glass

Hand application of Aegis Armor: S.H.I.E.L.D.

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Custom Lighting

Complete one off custom projector headlights to custom logo lights to headlight upgrades, we here at RDE Customs can take your current headlights and turn them into a one of a kind custom touch to your vehicle. 

Custom Wheels

We Here at RDE Customs have teamed up with ROVOS Wheels to bring you there entire wheel line up. Sizes from 18" up to 24" Rovos Wheels has you covered. With direct connections we are able to bring you the best prices available. For More Information please feel free to contact us at customerservice@rdecustoms.com or you can call us directly at 470-344-9733 TODAY!!!!  

Headlight / Taillight Tint

For many of our customers, their car is more than just a means of transportation; it is also a reflection of their personality. Tinted tail lights and headlights are becoming increasingly popular as they are a fun and unique way of personalizing your car's appearance. Taillight and or headlight tinting should be done by professionals  to ensure the best results, and choosing to go with RDE Customs that's exactly what you will get nothing less. Unlike others we take pride in our work by going the extra mile to ensure perfect results. We remove the lights from the vehicle, sand, mask off, and clean the light. Next we mix a high grade automotive paint and clear together and spray using a HVLP paint gun thats typically found in most body shops. Once dry we wet sand and buff the light before returning the light back to the vehicle. 

Window Tint

We here at RDE Customs only use the best of the best products and material when it comes to providing services to our customers, which is why we use Sun-Gard and Madico film for our tint. Madico automotive films are available in a variety of shades and colors making it easy to accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the pinnacle of tint technology. There’s no better combination of quality, function, and looks in automotive films anywhere else.

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