Foam Your Car with Your Hose - No Pressure Washer Needed!

The Low Pressure Dip Foamer is a low pressure sprayer compatible with standard garden hoses. DOES NOT require a pressure washer. Just add a foaming car wash soap (like Dip Wash®) to the Dip Foamer and spray away. The Low Pressure Dip Foamer will cover your vehicle with a fluffy foam that removes dirt, grease, oil, and debris. Wipe completely with a Dip Washer® and then rinse with water.

Low Pressure Dip Foamer®

SKU: 632835642834572
  • Connects Directly to a Standard Water Hose
    No Pressure Washer Required
    Easily Adjust Flow with the Turn of a Dial
    Includes Quick Disconnect Fittings